Etsy Package Insurance Why I Don't Use It


Etsy Issued USPS Shipping Label
Etsy Issued USPS Shipping Label



I don't buy insurance. I did a little math, read the fine print, and decided that it wasn't worth the cost.

If USPS says it was delivered, you will not get paid for lost packages.

The thing that got me was the requirement of two inches of padding almost triples the shipping cost. Larger boxes and more packing material push the weight well over 16 ounces, so I can't ship first class anymore. It probably means a few fewer sales too. Now the boxes don't fit in my mailbox, and I either need to arrange for pickup or take them to the post office myself. USPS will pick them up, but I have to add more shipping time because I have to arrange for pickup the day before. A lot of orders come in after midnight. I ship with Etsy shipping, and the insurance is a third-party provider. That means there will be three people in a fight over a claim. USPS, me, and the insurance company.

I plan to pack everything well and issue a refund or reship if there is a problem. So far, I haven't had to do either. I figure I have saved somewhere close to $600.00 so far.


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