In the Toymaker's Shop - Handmade Wood Toy Stacking Puzzle - Gold Fish Family


Handmade Wood Toy Stacking Puzzle - Gold Fish Family

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These are in the shop and waiting for sanding and finishing. Between custom orders and items selling out, it's taking me a while to get this project done.

There are 25 animal family puzzles in this project. If I am counting right in my head, I have cut 22 of them. Two of the remaining puzzles need larger pieces of wood that I don't yet have on hand. 

Puzzles need some light sanding to remove the fuzzies. After sanding, I plan to finish these with a shop-made blend of mineral oil sand waxes. After that, they have to be photographed, listings created in Etsy, and I tell people they are available via social media.

In between puzzles, I have a request for one of Steve Goods' patterns, a jet airplane that needs to be cut from baltic birch plywood.

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