Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier Build Part 3 Rough Cutting On The Band Saw


Wooden toy car being cut out on a Shopsmith bandsaw equipped with a Carter stabilizer.
I am roughing out one of the three cars in the set using my Shopsmith bandsaw equipped with a Carter stabilizer and a 1/8-inch blade.

I am currently working on one of the cars for the car carrier using my Shopsmith bandsaw with a Carter stabilizer attached to it. You may wonder why I am not cutting it with the bandsaw. Cutting it with the bandsaw would require more sanding, so I prefer using a scroll saw for slower, smoother, and more precise cuts. This way, I can cut slowly and sand less. I have been using my Cater stabilizer for a few years and have completed several projects. I only use it when I cut something with very tight curves that are too thick to cut comfortably with my scroll saw. It would work better if I could get 1/16-inch blades, but unfortunately, they are no longer available.

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