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What goes into making a puzzle snake?

Handmade Wooden Alphabet Snake Puzzle Toy You don't see these for sale very often. I think this is because they are time-consuming to make. There are twenty-six puzzle pieces, one for each letter of the alphabet and thirty-one holes to drill if you want to use the cut letters.  Even if one of the several other methods for the alphabet, they all take a while to do. The other issue I see is for some of the lettering methods; there is no do-over. If I miss cut one of my letters, the puzzle is trash. To give you an idea of how much goes into making an alphabet snake puzzle keep reading. Handmade Wooden Alphabet Snake Puzzle Toy I purchase the wood and prepare it for attaching the pattern. Preparation includes cutting to size and sanding both sides. The sanding removes milling marks and other defects and smoothes the surface. When cutting the puzzle, small imperfections in the wood surface can hang and cause the cut to go crooked. Handmade Wooden Alphabet Snake Puzzle T

From The Toymakers Shop - Handmade Wooden Toy Truck, Pickup Truck from the Play Pal Series

I love these little toy pickup trucks. They are simple to make in any size you want, and the design allows for straightforward modifications. These trucks do not follow the original pattern exactly. I have modified the shape slightly to facilitate sanding. To accomplish this, I removed all of the sharp 90 degree corners. Inside corners are almost impossible to sand without damaging to the profile of the truck. After making several of them with the sharp corners got rid of them. A curve is much stronger than an acute angle. This modification makes the truck stronger and gives it a smoother, refined look. Here are several handcrafted wood toy pickup trucks in the shop almost ready for listing. Handmade Wooden Toy Pickup Trucks Ready For Final Inspection First, I need to blow the dust off and make sure they are functioning correctly. I test all my trucks to make sure that all the moving parts are working smoothly. If it is not right, I either repair them or throw them away. Fortunate