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Halloween Bat Cutout MDF Etsy Listing 1028595197

An unfinished 3/4-inch thick Halloween Bat cut by hand on a scroll saw. It has been lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper and is ready to be painted. Unlike many thinner cutouts, these are freestanding and make good pretend toys. I made the first batch of these for my grandson, Odin. He is crazy about anything Halloween-related. They are Halloween decorations, but for my grandson, they are toys. He builds haunted houses from blocks and uses them for occupants. Approximate Height: Height 3.75 inches Width 3.75 inches Thickness 0.75 inch Size varies slightly. Other sizes and colors may be available via custom orders. Other Items You May Like Bats Skeletons Jack-o-Lantern Ghosts Skulls

Handmade Wooden Toy Airplane Play Pals Cessna Skyhawk 749762794 - Version 4

  Etsy Listing Airplanes Play Pal Toys Shop Front Page Made from 100% hardwoods that have been hand sanded smooth and finished with a food-safe finish made from mineral oil and beeswax. If required, you can quickly restore the finish with butcher block finish available at your home center. There are no metal parts or fasteners of any kind. All moving parts are hand-fitted and tested for smooth operation. The propeller spins smoothly, and the wheels roll as they should. I insert nylon washers behind the wheels and the propeller to act as both a bearing and a spacer that prevents them from rubbing against the toy's body, allowing them to turn freely. I make these for my grandson. If they don't work correctly, he will soon tell me I need to fix it. While not precisely made to scale, this toy aircraft works well with my Play Pal size cars and trucks sold separately. This toy airplane is currently a "Made To Order" item. I will get it done as quickly as possible, but it ma

Scroll Saw Blade Clamp Alignment

Excalibur EX21 Scroll Saw Top Clamp It's essential to have both blade clamp set screws lined up perpendicular to one another. Otherwise, you get side-to-side travel in the blade. Install and tension a fine-tooth blade. Manually move the saw to the top of its stroke. Place a metal rule on the table against the right side of the blade. Manually move the arms to the bottom of the stroke. If the blade moves away from the end of the ruler, the bottom screw needs to be "deeper" in the clamp, or the top needs to be "shallower." If the blade pushes the ruler away, the bottom screw needs to be "shallower' or the clamp on the top needs to be "deeper." Repeat until there is no difference between the top and bottom of the stroke. I like to start with mine in the center. With the blade clamps in alignment and the blade square to the table, it is possible to get smooth glassy cuts.

Handmade Wood Toy Truck, A Monster Truck based on the Pickup Truck in the Play Pal Series - 490411032

Etsy Listing Other Items You May Like Monster Trucks Toy Trucks: Toy Cars: Shop Front Page: A handmade wooden toy monster truck made from solid hardwood for grown-ups and children over three. Sturdy, durable, and built to withstand a little boy's play. My grandson has several of these in various colors, finishes, and materials. Despite his rough play, they are still going strong, outlasting some factory-made plastic toys. Like all my toys, they are grandson tested and approved. I make every effort to make sure my toys perform well.  I carefully test each toy before it is listed in my store. Because of the design and their large wheels, they roll very well on just about any surface, including carpets. With plenty of help fro

Handmade Wood Toy Car Hot Rod Freaky Ford Based on the 1927 Ford 27 T--Bucket - 572786417

Etsy Listing: Hot Rods: Toy Cars: Toy Trucks: Shop Front Page: I made this wood toy car in my toymakers shop using traditional woodworking tools and hand-finished it with amber shellac, trimmed With metallic blue and black acrylic paint.