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Wooden Toy Pickup Truck Painted Bright Blue With Metallic Sapphire Blue Trim & Nonmarring Amber Shellac Wheels From My Play Pal Collection - 839752993

Buy This Toy Truck My Play Pal Collection My Toy Truck Collection   This handmade toy truck is crafted with care using traditional woodworking tools and painted with a translucent bright blue acrylic finish, allowing the natural wood grain to show through. The wheels are finished with non-marring amber shellac, and the axle hubs are painted with metallic sapphire blue acrylic paint.   Approximate Dimensions: Length: 3-1/2 inches Height: 1-3/8 inches Width: 1-1/2 inches Wheels: 3/4 inch diameter   The Play Pal Collection features a variety of toys in different colors and versions, so there's something for every child. Each piece is handmade using natural wood and wood products, making every item unique. That means that the item you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured, but that's the beauty of handmade items - each one is one-of-a-kind. The natural variations in wood grain, color, and knots are not defects but add character and charm to each piece.    If you have any