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My New Pegas Precision Scroll Saw

  Pegas Precision Scroll Saw   My new Pegas saw is up and running. I read the manual and could not find any place where it talked about adjusting the upper arm parallel to the table, as my EX-21 says. I did it anyway, as it was so far off I could see it without measuring. This is the first saw I have ever had that has the guards in place. There was one on the bottom as well as the top. I removed the top guard because it significantly interfered with installing the blade, and I removed the bottom guard because it banged against the table when the saw was rum at high speed. Removing the lower guard required me to remove the table to get to the screws. I replaced the screws in case they were holding something inside. While the top was off, I discovered that the thin plastic part of the dust collection was only attached to one side. I made one from a piece of magnetic sheet that I had. After waxing the bottom of the table and everything I could not get to without removing the table, I rein

Engaging Minds and Hands: The Cognitive Benefits of Wood Toy Puzzles

  Cats and Kittens Freestanding Wooden Toy Puzzle Buy Now There are several benefits of handmade wooden puzzles. Here are some of them: Quality craftsmanship: Handmade wooden puzzles are created with attention to detail and precision. Skilled artisans craft each piece individually, ensuring high-quality construction and durability. Unique and one-of-a-kind: Each handmade wooden puzzle is unique, as it is crafted by hand. This makes them stand out from mass-produced puzzles and adds a special touch to your collection. Eco-friendly: Wooden puzzles are often made from sustainable and renewable materials like natural wood. Handmade wooden puzzles contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, as they are biodegradable and have a lower environmental impact than plastic puzzles. Sensory experience: Wooden puzzles offer a tactile experience. The smooth texture of the wood and the satisfying "click" sound when fitting the pieces together engage multiple senses, providing a more immersi

Wooden Cowboy Boot Puzzle With Unique Star Shaped Locking Tabs, Handmade and Finished with Clear Shellac 1363137056

  Wooden Cowboy Boot Puzzle With Unique Star Shaped Locking Tabs, Handmade and Finished with Clear Shellac Buy Now More Puzzles Puzzles are a timeless way to challenge our minds and pass the time, but what happens when puzzles meet art? The result is extraordinary, like the Wooden Cowboy Boot Puzzle with Unique Charm from Odin's Toy Factory. This delightful puzzle is made entirely from wood, with each piece carefully crafted to fit together to form a charming cowboy boot design. The puzzle is made by a skilled craftsman at Odin's Toy Factory, who has been creating wooden toys for over 40 years. What sets this puzzle apart is the unique charm that it exudes. The cowboy boot design is intricate and whimsical, with each piece precisely cut to create a realistic-looking boot puzzle. The puzzle's warm wooden tones give it a classic, rustic feel, making it a perfect gift for anyone who loves the great outdoors or western-themed decor. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the Wooden Cowboy

My Prefered Method of Making Wooden Toy Wheels Is to Cut them With a Scroll Saw and Sand them Round with a Belt Sander

A few of the woodem sheels I have made.   f you love toys, then you've likely encountered the need to make wheels at some point. Fortunately, there are many methods you can use to make wheels, and in this post, I will discuss my favorite method of making wheels. My preferred method of making wheels involves drilling the center holes first, cutting the wheels out with a scroll saw, and sanding them using a belt sander and a jig to sand the wheels perfectly round. The jig, a dowel in a piece of wood clamped at an appropriate distance from the sanding belt, makes the process fast and easy. The result is a hundred perfectly round and sanded smooth wheels. One of the most significant advantages of this method is its simplicity. The jig is so straightforward that I don't bother keeping them. This simplicity makes it easy to make wheels of any size. My method is an excellent option if you need a quick and efficient way to make many perfectly round and smooth wheels. It's particula