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Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier Build Part 3 Rough Cutting On The Band Saw

  I am roughing out one of the three cars in the set using my Shopsmith bandsaw equipped with a Carter stabilizer and a 1/8-inch blade. I am currently working on one of the cars for the car carrier using my Shopsmith bandsaw with a Carter stabilizer attached to it. You may wonder why I am not cutting it with the bandsaw. Cutting it with the bandsaw would require more sanding, so I prefer using a scroll saw for slower, smoother, and more precise cuts. This way, I can cut slowly and sand less. I have been using my Cater stabilizer for a few years and have completed several projects. I only use it when I cut something with very tight curves that are too thick to cut comfortably with my scroll saw. It would work better if I could get 1/16-inch blades, but unfortunately, they are no longer available. #odinstoyfactory #handmade #woodtoys #madeinusa #madeinamerica

Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier Build Partt 2

  Roughing cutting pieces of a Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier   The piece of wood I have the patterns on is too large to cut on my scroll saw. It has the capacity, but the sides need more clearance to make the cuts easily. Rough cutting the pieces to size also makes them easier to handle on the drill press when drilling axle holes. I first attempted to make the rough cut on my scroll saw using a #12 blade. However, my Excalibur EX-21 did not like these coarse blades. The tension arm kept popping loose. I could have cut individual pieces of wood for each part, but this wastes a lot of wood. For some of the toys I make, cutting individual pieces can waste as much as 40% of a board. #odinstoyfactory #handmade #woodtoys #madeinusa #madeinamerica

Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier Build Part 15 Cars Off The Trailer

Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier   Buy At My Goimagine Shop I create a wooden toy car carrier and three cars in my toymaker's shop using traditional woodworking tools and techniques. Each piece is unique and handmade using natural wood and wood products. I finish them off with clear shellac and non-marring amber shellac on the wheels, and accent them with metallic sapphire blue acrylic paint. The materials used in making these toys are non-toxic. It's important to note that since each item is handmade, the appearance of each piece may vary slightly from one item to the next. Also, the thickness of the wood used in your item may differ slightly from the size specified in the listing. The natural variations in wood grain, color, and knots make each piece one-of-a-kind, which adds to the item's charm and character. These variations should be expected and are not considered defects. In case you have any concerns about the variations or would like to request a

Wooden Toy Truck Martin Motors Antique Car Carrier Build Part 1

Wooden Toy Truck Patterns Attached to A 2x6 With 3M Spray Adhesive   I have attached the toy patterns onto a piece of 2x6 lumber, avoiding the knots as much as possible. I usually avoid using construction lumber for toys because of the poor quality of the wood and the presence of knots. However, I had this lumber on hand and wanted to use it. The patterns are printed on high-quality paper using a laser printer and attached with 3M45 spray adhesive. https:\\ #odinstoyfactory #handmade #woodtoys #madeinusa #madeinamerica