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Wood Toy Truck, Handmade and Finished Clear Shellac With Metallic Blue Hubs, Pickup from the Play Pal Series 989258904

Handmade Wooden Toy Truck, Pickup Truck from the Play Pal Series Clear Shellac With Metallic Blue Hubs   A vintage-style wood toy pickup truck, handmade and hand-finished with clear shellac, trimmed with metallic blue acrylic paint. Approximate Dimensions: Length: 3-1/2 inches/89mm Height: 1-3/8 inches/23mm Width: 1-1/2 inches/51mm Wheels: 3/4 inch/34mm diameter Other sizes and colors may be available via custom orders. Links to other items you might like: Toy Trucks: Toy Cars: Play Pal Toys Shop Front Page I make items by hand from natural wood and wood products. They can differ from one piece to the next. The one you receive may be slightly different from the item in the listing photos. Wood thickness may vary slightly from the stated size. Not for children under thre

Handmade Wooden Toy Car, Minivan, Bus, from the Play Pal Series 776992808

Etsy Listing: Minivans: Play Pal Toy Cars and Trucks: Shop Front Page: A small handmade wooden toy I made from reclaimed hardwood plywood. A sturdy, durable gift suitable for play or decoration. Add a unique touch to home, office, kid's room, or nursery. These toys are sturdy, durable, pocket-size, and built for play. The small size easy for little hands to carry. The clear shellac finish provides a durable child-safe finish that allows the beauty of the wood to show through. Shellac is a naturally occurring substance used extensively in food. My grandson has a lot of these toys in various colors and finishes. He has played with them for over six years, and they are still going strong, outlasting many factory-made plastic toys . Like all my toys , they are grandson tested and appr