Scroll Saw Blade Clamp Alignment

Excalibur EX21 Scroll Saw Top Clamp
Excalibur EX21 Scroll Saw Top Clamp

It's essential to have both blade clamp set screws lined up perpendicular to one another. Otherwise, you get side-to-side travel in the blade.

  • Install and tension a fine-tooth blade.
  • Manually move the saw to the top of its stroke.
  • Place a metal rule on the table against the right side of the blade.
  • Manually move the arms to the bottom of the stroke.
  • If the blade moves away from the end of the ruler, the bottom screw needs to be "deeper" in the clamp, or the top needs to be "shallower."
  • If the blade pushes the ruler away, the bottom screw needs to be "shallower' or the clamp on the top needs to be "deeper."
  • Repeat until there is no difference between the top and bottom of the stroke. I like to start with mine in the center.

With the blade clamps in alignment and the blade square to the table, it is possible to get smooth glassy cuts.


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