Pink & Pink Play Pal Toy Trailer Truck Version 4 - The Car Hauler

2017-05-11 04.22.32 - Wooden Toy - Play Pal - Trailer Truck - Pink
Pink Wooden Toy Play Pal Trailer Truck  Car Hauler

2017-05-11 04.22.14 - Wooden Toy - Traailer - Truck - Pink - Bat Car- Orange - Car Hauler (1)

There are two different brands and shades of paint used here. Not intentionally. Someone decided ti would be OK to thin the paint directly in the can and the dark pink was unusable when I got it out. I learned since then that you should never thin paint you want to keep with tap water. Chemicals in the water can react with the paint and cause it to do strange things. Like set up hard inside the can. Forget keeping paint thined with other chemicals. That will not happen again. Not to me anyway.
The lighter pink on the trailer is Glidden and the cab is painted with Behr. Both are Oops paint from Home Depot. The Glidden paint on the trailer is flat so I coated it with clear shellac to brighten it up a bit and add a bit of durability.

The wheels on the cab are my first "successful" attempt at flush cutting the axles. Successful in that it was still usable when I got done.

The cab is made from BC plywood junk from home depot One of two that made it far enough to get painted. Once again the trailer is southern yellow pine with a spruce under carriage.
This is the car hauler trailer. The play Pal cars stay on the trailer up tp about 45 degrees and all the hot wheels cars I tested did the same. Even the Play Pal Van with its slightly longer wheel base fits. Pure luck. I made no attempt to measure for the trailer length. After I made my first one I realized that the length would not matter in most cases unless it was crazy long. I just squared the ends and made a trailer. The trailer beds are made from wood left from building a rocking horse. All of the trailers are different lengths.

One of the nice thing about making small toys is that there is little that goes to waste.


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