Wooden Toy Hot Rod Freaky Ford 27 T Coupe Lavender

A very shiny Ford 27 T Coupe Hot Rod.

My first listing with a truly glossy finish. I airbrushed with Behr Oops paint and top coated it with a clear acrylic glaze from a rattle can. The Rust-Oleum Triple Thick Glaze was really difficult for me to get smooth in the conditions I had to work with. With the slightest breeze over spray would blow around to the other side and stick causing a very rough surface that had to cure over night and be sanded smooth and resprayed. In addition, it had to be sprayed fairly wet to get a smooth coat meaning there was I high risk of getting a run or sag in the finish that I had to sand and recoat, But when it all came together the car looked like it was coated with glass. A real spray booth would have been a big help.

The Triple Thick Glaze also took a long time to cure hard enough to be handled much. The next day after spraying it was still soft enough the surface would dent easily. While I freely admit that this could be at least partly my fault, I had no such issues with the Krylon. One coat and it was done.


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