Wooden Toy Play Pal Trailer Truck Version 2

The photo doesn't realy do justice to the colors on this toy truck. There are two shades of orange and they are both quite bright. Not Florescent orange bright but very bright. In daylight or 6500K+ LEDs it practically screams orange.

2017-05-11 04.20.25 - Wooden Toy - Play Pal - Trailer - Truck - Orange
Orange Wooden Toy Play Pal Trailer Truck  With Dual Wheels

The cab is made of pine and sprayed with two coats of Krylon with a light sanding between coats with 220 grit sand paper. Just sanded enough to knock of the fuzz.

The trailer bed is southern yellow pine and the under carriage is made from spruce. The paint is two coats of Anita's Acrylic Craft Paint. Applied with a brush. Again sanded in between to smooth things out just a little. This paint covers very well for an orange paint. I was quite surprised. It has the typical dull flat finish most craft paints have. To give it a little more durability and shine it up a bit I added a top coat of Clear Bull's Eye Shellac. The shellac really popped the color.

All of the wheels are brushed on amber shellac. One coat of as much shellac as they will take.

The axles with the dual wheels are painted on the ends with black acrylic craft paint. These are measured and cut to fit. The ends are then sanded round and painted. When the paint is dry I glue on one pair of wheels per axle and alow the glue to cure before inserting the axles and adding the second pair of wheels. I could do them all at once but for me this works much better. If I mess up and get a bit of glue in the wrong place the wheels or the axle could get glued to the body of the toy. Its very easy to mess this up when gluing all the wheels at once.

The front wheels have axle pegs painted with black acrylic craft paint and coated with clear shellac. I really like the look of the hubs on a truck and intended to put them all round. Unfortunately, during the dry fit I discovered that they were not long enough to use for dual wheels.

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