Wooden Toy Play Pal Trailer Truck Version 3

2017-05-11 04.21.40 - Wooden Toy - Play Pal - Trailer - Truck - Orange
Orange Wooden Toy Play Pal Trailer Truck  With Dual Wheels & Rail

This one is pretty much the same as version 2 as far as the paint goes.

I added a low rail around the edge of the bed to keep things from sliding or rolling off. It works ok for small toys and blocks but most of the Hot Wheels cars we have will go over the edge easily. Small wood blocks stay on it quite well.

The cab is made from BC plywood. Another experiment. You can make these from BC plywood but if you have another choice don't use it. I tossed several of these in the trash because of voids in the plywood and laminations separating.

The trailer bed is constructed from southern yellow pine with a spruce undercarriage. I cut the rails using a Grr-Ripper and my Shopsmith bandsaw.

The rear axles on the cab are flush cut. I cut them longer than needed and after they are dry I used a flush cutting saw to trim them and added a touch of shellac. When making the axles to do this you need to have them sticking out at least 2 or three times the width of the saw kerf or your going to have a tough time getting a smooth cut. It's not the easiest thing to do I ruined a few wheels getting the hang of it.

This one is a bit rougher than I would like but I got tired of messing with the plywood. This was before my grandson decided my experimental trucks were his. He took off with one of them before I had thought about making trailers. I had to sneak it back into the shop to drill the hitch hole.

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