Simple Puzzles for Toddlers - Part 2

I'm making these from a premium pine board purchased from Home Depot. This is not the construction grade lumber. It's what Home Depot call appearance boards. It's clear S4S with no knots. Not the cheap stuff. I'm using it because this is what I had on hand that was the right size. I cut the board into 3-1/2 inch squares for 21 puzzles. Enough five sets of four with one extra.

I put blue painters tape on each square. I do this to make removing the patterns easy. The blue tape will peel off without leaving any residue. I have tried gluing the patterns directly on to the wood, but it just makes a mess that I have to clean up with mineral spirits.

The patterns are applied to the tape after spraying the back with 3M 77 spray adhesive and rolled with a rubber roller.

Entrance holes for the scroll saw blade and the eyes are then drilled. I like to drill the entrance hole at a point where three or more lines come together to help hide the hole.

Handmade Wooden ToyPuzzle Ready for the Scroll Saw
Handmade Wooden ToyPuzzle Ready for the Scroll Saw


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