How many clamps does it take to hold a dragon?

Four for this one but he is pretty small. This one goes to Odin for testing, and the next one goes into the shop. If I cut and glued up all yen of the dragons in the set at one time, it would take 40 to 50 clamps. 

Handmade Wooden Toy Dragon In the Clamps
Handmade Wooden Toy Dragon In the Clamps

I made seven dinosaurs and started the dragon series this weekend. My grandson got all of the dinosaurs. Two were special orders from him but, all of the dinosaurs were tests to see how small I could make them and to develop a simple way to make different size patterns quickly. The smallest size I could easily make is a body length of 1-3/4 inches. Any smaller and I am dealing with parts that are 1/4-inch long and smaller. That is about as small as I can go without resorting to hand sanding.

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