Handmade Wooden Toy Mammoth With Shopmade Plywood Tusks

I'm concerned enough about breakage to make hardwood plywood for weaker parts. I did this recently when I made the wooly mammoth from one of John Lewman's book "The Toy Wizard's Favorite Scroll Saw Patterns for Toy Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures" for my grandson. I could not find any solid wood for the tusks that would not break with just finger pressure. I made up some three layer plywood from some thin pieces of oak I had. The plywood was thin. Slightly more than 1/8-inch thick. I could not break the tusks with my hands.
If you would like to purchase a Mammoth or Mammoth with Baby Mammoth", they are available via custom order in my Etsy shop OdinsToyFactory. When you get to the shop, there is a "Custom Order Button" on the left side of the screen. Other prehistoric animals are also available in the shop and via custom orders. If there is a pattern available for it I can make it.


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