How to Score Etsy Tags Using eRank

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If you don't use eRank this is probably useless to you. If you have an Etsy shop you need eRank.

This isn't a question. It's a statement of understanding of how Etsy search works and a system for scoring tags. I've studied every Etsy document I can find on the subject, and this is my conclusion. I can't quantify it with numbers.

If I have a tag "Home Nursery Decor." In Etsy search, this will match Home, Nursery, Decor, Nursery Decor, Home Decor, and Home Nursery Decor. They will also combine with keywords in other places in the listing with exact phrase matches ranking higher.

If I plug "Home Nursery Decor." into the keyword tool, I see, "Sorry, we could not find any Etsy or Google search trend data for the keywords provided." So this tag, as a whole, scores 0. If I break out the top relevant scores using Etsy search counts for the score and total, then I get a score for the tag.

    Home Nursery Decor 0
    Nursery Decor 15,520
    Home Decor 22,650
    Nursery 3,390
    Decor 0
    Home 69,102
    Total  110,662

So now I have a score for my tag. In this case, there 110,662 Etsy searches that matched something in this tag. This seems like a very good tag to me.

The keywords in this tag will also combine with other keywords in other tags, but I don't go that far scoring my tags. However, I do consider if I want to use some of the same words elsewhere for exact phrase matching.  For example, if I use the tag "Dragon Home Decor," I can get an exact phrase match for "Home Decor" and "Dragon Home Decor" as well as a match for Dragon and "Dragon Decor. 

You could also do something similar for google searches. I messed with it a little, and to my surprise, some search terms on Google get lots of searches that get near zero on Etsy. Misspelled words on Etsy will get 0 or near 0, but get a large number of searches on Google.

Like I said before I can't give you numbers of sales or views for this method al I can do is tell you that for me it seems to be working and the numbers give me a method of picking tags that I can wrap my brain around.


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