Tools for the Toy Maker

I make toys and fretwork. Here is my take.

1. Workbench with a Vise

It doesn't have to be fancy, but you can't work without it.

2. Drill Press

Everything I do uses a drill press in some form or another. Drilling, hole saw for making wheels and sanding with various attachments.  Sanding mops are a must have in my shop. You can use it as a drum sander, and there are many attachments that you can buy or make for it.

3. Belt Sander

I have a 1" x 42" Delta Belt and disk sander. This one is very much like it. I also have a 6x48-inch belt sander. One or both of these get used on every project. I don't find the disk sander to be very useful.

4. Saw - Type depends on the situation.

You need to cut wood  Provided you can get the wood in the thickness you need. There are many options. If all you are doing is scrollsaw projects, a hand saw will work. You can use a scroll saw in place of a bandsaw for everything but resawing lumber. You can use a scroll saw for cross-cutting and ripping with the proper blades but only for smaller pieces of wood. I some times cut parts from 3/4-inch stock and resaw them to get the appropriate thickness. I have a table saw that I rarely use. I break down larger stock with a battery powered circular saw and straight edges and cut the rest with a 12-inch sliding compound miter saw. If you set it up right, you can cut just about any size you need square and safe. Resawing with a bandsaw is not something for beginners and you really need to add jointers and planers to this.


Steves List
1. Table saw.
2. Disc/Belt Sander
3. Drill press
4. Workbench
5. Planer
6. Band saw
7. Drum sander
8. Jointer.

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