Toy Makers Shop - Dust Collection For My Sanding Mop Made From PVC Pipe Coupler

Pipe Coupler Dust Collector Mounted ON My Harbor Freight Drill Press with a Sanding Mop
Pipe Coupler Dust Collector Mounted ON My Harbor Freight Drill Press with a Sanding Mop

In my toy making shop, I use a sanding mop a lot. It makes a considerable amount of fine dust, that is hard to collect. The 2x4 PVC pipe coupling is the best solution I have found so far. It is straightforward to build and costs about $10 if you don't already have the parts.

To make the collector drill a hole in the 2x4 pipe coupling and bolt on a magnet. Then connect your shop vac. If you don't have a cast iron top an electrical box cover screwed to a piece of plywood or MDF will give you something to clamp.

I used a magnet from a previous project that I didn't need anymore. I  got mine from Harbor Freight, but they are available from Amazon and eBay if you don't have a Harbor Freight store. Warning, Test your magnet to be sure you can get it off. The one I used sticks so tight I needed a pry bar to get it off. This project is a good candidate for mag switches if you move it around a lot.

All vacuum hoses will not fit tightly. I have an extension hose for my shop vac the fits tight on the inside of the coupler. However, the regular hose end is a little too small. You may need to make an adapter.

This contraption works very well as compare to what I used to do. Nothing or clamp the shop vac hose to the table and hop it stays put. The vacuum hose worked, but it was quite tricky to keep in place. The Pipe coupler with this magnet isn't going anywhere. The hose will pull out before it moves.


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