Wooden Wheel Patterns for the Scroll Saw

Wooden Toy Wheel Patterns Ready To Cut With A Scroll Saw
Wooden Toy Wheel Patterns Ready To Cut With A Scroll Saw

I salvaged the wood from 2x4 pieces that would typically go into the burn bucket and used for kindling the next time we have a backyard fire. Because the wheels are so small, it is simple to work around defects such as knots and pitch pockets. I resaw the wood to 1/2-inch thick on my Shopsmith band saw, sand the wood on the belt sander, apply the blue tape, and the patterns. I drill using a drill press and a very sharp brad point drill bit getting as close to the center as possible.

I have tried several methods for drawing the circles on the wood using printed patterns is by far the most accurate way to do it.

The blue painter's tape lets me remove the patterns with little fuss, leaves no residue, and lubricates the scroll saw blade.

I made a pattern to print 35 wheels on a page. I used two and a half pages and made 88 wheels. There are always a few that are don't come out well, but the yield was very high for this batch.

Click here to get a copy of the pattern I used to make these wheels.


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