Hot Rod Freaky Ford 32 Ford Sedan Satin Polyurethene Amber Shellac Purple Black - 579106457

Handmade Wood Toy Car Hot Rod Freaky Ford 32 Sedan
Handmade Wood Toy Car Hot Rod Freaky Ford 32 Sedan 

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A handmade wooden toy car for adults and kids, sturdy, durable, and made to withstand a little boy's play, but nice enough for any decor. A Hot Rod From the Hot Rod Freaky Ford Series that is based on the 1937 Ford Sedan.

I made this toy car from a solid pine block, finished it with satin polyurethane, and trimmed it with metallic purple and black acrylic paint.

The wheels are finished with amber shellac applied with a brush to a spinning wheel while letting the wheel absorb all the shellac it wanted.


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