Toymakers Shop Resawing Small Wood Toy Part With A Shopsmith Bandsaw - Dragon Legs


I cut most of my toy parts from 3/4-inch or thicker stock and then resaw them to the desired thickness. When I resaw the parts after I cut them saves me a lot of time and material.

In some cases where the parts are thin, I can get three or more parts from a single piece.

Think about resawing a board to 1/8-inch thick to cut two 1/2-inch long parts. You now have a 1/8-inch board that you may never use again.

If you resaw from a 3/4-inch board, you will have a 1/8-inch thick board and a 1/2-inch thick board minus the saw kerf that you may not need.

I am resawing the legs for a toy dragon from some hardwood cutoffs that are random thicknesses in this video. I am using a Shopsmith bandsaw equipped with a Carter Stabilizer and a 1/8-inch 14 TPI Timber Wolf bandsaw blade. I need the fine tooth blade to get as smooth a cut as possible and to be able to cut tiny parts. I can resaw parts as small as 1/4-inch long and 1/8-inch thick using this method.


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