You Need A Lot Of Clamps To Hold A Dragon


Handmade Wood Toy Dragon Glued and Clamped

Nine clamps are holding this one together. There are two Pony hand clamps, three Pittsburgh Ratcheting Bar Clamps, and four nylon spring clamps holding this dragon together, and that is for one side. You need a variety of clamps to do this kind of work. The clamps need to into tight spaces, and sometimes it is like putting a puzzle together.

The Pony hand clamps hold very well and will grip irregular surfaces (dragons toe)due to the flexible pads. These clamps don't twist much, and the pressure is adjustable. The only downside is that they are too large to fit in all the places I would like to use them.

Handmade Wood Toy Dragon Glued and Clamped

I don't use spring clamps for many things, but they work well for this application as long as they can get a grip without slipping. I wish someone would make these with flexible jaws like the Pony Hand Clamps. The pressure on these spring clamps is not adjustable. You get what you get. I don't like the steel spring clamps.

Handmade Wood Toy Dragon Clamps Removed

The Pittsburg Ratcheting Bar Clamps are a deal. You can get these at Harbor Freight tools cheap. These clamps cost $0.99 with a coupon. You should test them in the store before you buy them to make sure they work. They have a lifetime warranty. These are small light-duty clamps that will fit into tight places and are ideal for toymaking. You can't wax the bars because the clamps will not hold if you do. I have waxed bar clamps for years to prevent the glue from sticking to them and help prevent rust. If they slip, try cleaning the bare with mineral spirits.


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