Fix or Prevent Clogged Spray Can Nozzles By Soaking In Solvent

Nozzles From 3M 77 Spray Adhesive Soaking In Mineral Spirits


After each use, I remove the nozzle and drop it into mineral spirits. I keep several in the jar, and if I have an issue, I swap nozzles. I use 3M 77, but this should work with anything as long as you choose the appropriate solvent.

I retrieve the nozzle with hemostats and dry the excess with a bit of paper towel to use a nozzle. Occasionally I will have a tiny bit of mineral spirits come out of the nozzle the first time I press it, but it is not enough to make a difference.

I've never had a nozzle on the 3M 77 clog, but it does tend to build up on the nozzle and affect the spray pattern.

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