Scroll Saw Footswitch

Scroll Saw Footswitch
Scroll Saw Footswitch


I have a foot pedal on my EX21 mounted on the mobile base. It is situated so that my relaxed left foot depresses the switch when sitting at the saw. I did not do this by design. I did not like it on the floor because it kept moving around every time the cord got bumped.

I added a power strip to the back of the stand to have a convenient place to plug in my lights and turn everything on at once. As I was tying up all the wiring, I decided to mount the pedal and tie down all the wiring, so it didn't move around. Totally by accident, I came up with a workable solution for me. I was about ready to give up on foot peddles.

I don't know what kind of switch it is. It came with the EX21 when I bought it.

My RBI Hawk does not have a peddle, and it does not bother me to use it without one, perhaps because I used scroll saws for years without a footswitch.

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