Drying Mineral Sprits Fast

Filigree Fretwork Crosses Drying Ona a Fan

I have tried every method I can find for attaching patterns. My favorite is to glue the pattern directly to the wood with a spray adhesive like 3M77. Removing the pattern is easy. You wet the pattern with some mineral spirits and let it sit for a short time, and the whole pattern will release in one piece. You may need to clean off some adhesive residue by wiping it with a piece of paper towel wet with mineral spirits.

The downside, and there always is a downside, is now you have wood or other material wet with mineral spirits. The mineral spirits will evaporate, but you can hurry things with a fan. These crosses were wet on both sides. One is laminated hardwood flooring, and the other is hardboard. The hardboard soaks up mineral spirits like a sponge.

The first ones I propped up so air could circulate, and it took a couple of days for the smell to dissipate. Hanging them on a fan will eliminate the mineral spirits in a couple of hours.

Filigree Fretwork Crosses Drying Ona a Fan


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