Painting A Bright Red Fat Fender Freaky Ford Panel Wagon

Handmade Wood toy Fat Fendered Freaky Ford Panel Truck
Handmade Wood toy Fat Fendered Freaky Ford Panel Truck

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As a toy maker, I always love finding new projects. Recently, I've been focusing on creating handmade wood toy Fat Fendered Freaky Ford Panel Trucks. Building these little trucks is a lot of fun. I've enjoyed every step of the process.

However, I've been putting off the painting step for a while now. But today, I finally decided it was time to get to work and bring these little trucks to life with a bright red paint job.

I used flat, bright red acrylic craft paint to bring these trucks to life. This paint brushes well and provides good coverage with just a few coats. I opted to brush the paint onto the trucks rather than using an airbrush. While an airbrush can provide a smoother finish, I wanted to let the wood grain show through and give these trucks a rustic look.

I love using flat paint for these toys because it does not show defects as easily as gloss or satin finishes. It also dries quickly, which is always a plus when working on a project like this.

In the end, I'm pleased with how these Fat Fendered Freaky Ford Panel Trucks turned out. They have a fun, playful look and will make a great addition to any child's toy collection. Whether you're a toymaker yourself or love handmade toys, I hope these little trucks will inspire you to get creative and try your hand at making something special.

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