Painting Toys With An Airbrush: What airbrush do you recommend?


Two of my Badger Anthen 155 Airbrushes
Two of my Badger Anthen 155 Airbrushes  

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If you're thinking about painting toys with an airbrush, you may wonder what airbrush to use. One option that we highly recommend is the Badger 155 Anthem airbrush.

This airbrush is versatile and can handle just about any paint or finish used for toy making. It's also a bottom-feed airbrush. There are Badger airbrushes that are top feed. The Badger 360 can be used for top or bottom feed. If you only need a small amount of paint, the top feed option is excellent because it allows you to use just a few drops at a time.

The Badger airbrushes are made in the USA and come with excellent support from the manufacturer. If you have any questions or need help with your airbrush, the team at Badger is there to help.

Overall, if you're looking for a reliable, high-quality airbrush for painting toys, the Badger 155 Anthem is a great choice. It's reliable, easy to use, and will give you great results every time.

Badger 155 - Anthem - Dual Action, Internal Mix, Siphon (Bottom) Feed

The Anthem, Model 155, is the most comfortable, reliable, proficient, cost effective, user friendly airbrush ever. The two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Anthem's cone shaped nozzle enabling a single needle/nozzle configuration to spray virtually any desired material, thus eliminating the need for fine, medium, or large needle/nozzle variations. The Anthem's body design provides exacting balance and long term user comfort. The Anthem® also provides flawless performance in the most rigorous of production airbrushing environments.

• Single needle/nozzle for spraying all mediums, inks, dyes, watercolors, acrylics, enamels, lacquers, glazes, latex, Air-Opaqueª, Air-Tex®, MODELflex® Totally Tattoo® and Totally Tanª colors
• Single needle/nozzle sprays pencil lines to 3" (76mm) spray pattern
• Minimal spare parts to stock
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• Fastest needle release on the market
• Finger tight assembly tolerances
• Excellent for multiple applications for novice to advanced airbrushers
Lifetime warranty on labor and PTFE seals
• Fine replacement parts now available

Badger 360 - Dual (Gravity/Bottom) Feed, Dual Action, Internal Mix

The Universal® Model 360 is the only airbrush capable of performing in a gravity feed as well as a bottom feed mode. Never before has one airbrush provided so much versatility. It is two airbrushes in one.

• 360º front end rotation to allow for either gravity or bottom feed usage
• Single nozzle/needle sprays from pencil lines to 3" (76mm) spray pattern
• Single size nozzle/needle design for spraying all materials, acrylics to watercolors, inks to lacquers, Air-Opaque™, Air-Tex®, MODELflex®, Totally Tattoo®, Spectra-Tex® and Totally Tan™ airbrush paints
• Easy access needle assembly
• Finger tight assembly tolerances
• Correct weight apportionment balance system
• Ultra comfort, ergonomically correct trigger cushion
Lifetime warranty on labor, rotational seal and PTFE seals
• Fine replacement parts now available

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