Building Play Pal Pickup Trucks: Streamlining the Sanding Process in My Toymaker's Shop

Twenty-seven Wooden Toy Play Pal Toy Pickup Bodies Being Sanded
Building Play Pal Pickup Trucks: Streamlining the Sanding Process in My Toymaker's Shop

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 Building toys by hand can be a satisfying and rewarding experience. As a toymaker, I create high-quality toys that children will cherish for years. One of my latest projects is a Play Pal Pickup Trucks batch, which I've been busy sanding and shaping in my workshop.

Batching out the toy trucks is a great way to save time, allowing me to set up once and work on multiple toys simultaneously. One of the most time-consuming parts of the process is sanding, which is done in several stages using multiple grits of sandpaper. By batching out the trucks, I can streamline the sanding process and be more efficient with my time.

Each toy undergoes a rigorous inspection for defects at every stage. I use a bright light to scrutinize each truck, ensuring that each one is flawless before moving on to the next stage.

The first sanding stage is done before removing the pattern using a 1" strip sander. I leave the patterns on to do some shaping if required. The interior curves are sanded using an oscillating spindle sander, while the flat sides are sanded using a belt sander and an orbital disc sander.

I also use a tiny drum sander inside the windows to remove any saw marks where the cut starts and stops. A flap sander follows the drum sander. Both are powered by a rotary tool. Many toymakers do not sand inside the windows.

The final sanding stage is done with a sanding mop mounted in a drill press. The sanding mop softens sharp corners and smooths out the toy even more.

The photo accompanying this post shows 27 Play Pal Pickup Trucks in this group. However, this batch includes around 40 trucks in total.

Building toys by hand can be a labor-intensive process, but it's also incredibly satisfying. By batching out the trucks and streamlining the sanding process, I can be more efficient with my time and create high-quality toys for children to enjoy. I look forward to seeing these Play Pal Pickup Trucks bring joy to kids and families for years.

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