Norm Marshal cat T-Model

Norm Marshall Model T car (Tin Lizzy) I made More Than Forty Years Ago
Norm Marshall Model T car (Tin Lizzy) I made More Than Forty Years Ago

Handmade Wood Toys

If you're looking for a unique and handmade gift for a child or a car enthusiast, look no further than a Norm Marshall T-Model wooden car. These beautiful and intricate cars are sure to delight anyone who receives one.

Norm Marshall was an active woodworker who designed and built wooden toys from 1974 until he died in 1982. He wrote a book, The Great Book of Wooden Toys, which contains detailed instructions and step-by-step instructions on how to build and play with any wooden toy. The book is available in paperback and hardcover and includes helpful tips and tricks for making the perfect wooden toy.

I made several of these cars more than forty years ago and have kept them all these years. I've also made many more to give as gifts or to sell.

You'll need a few tools to make a Norm Marshall T-Model car. I used my Shopsmith with a bandsaw and belt sander. While trying to remember if I used a scroll saw when I made mine, I did have one, and I've used it for many other woodworking projects over the years. If I made a Norm Marshall toy today, I would use a scroll saw. You could build these toys with handheld power tools or hand tools.

One thing to remember is that making a wooden car like this requires some skill and patience. You'll need to be able to cut precise shapes and pieces out of wood and assemble them carefully to create the finished product. But with practice and perseverance, anyone can learn to make these delightful toys.

In conclusion, a handmade wooden car like the Norm Marshall T-Model is a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates classic toys and beautiful craftsmanship. Whether you make one yourself or buy one from a skilled toymaker, it's sure to be a treasured possession for years to come. So why not try your hand at making one today?

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