Play Pal Tractor Trailer Semi Truck Some Variations


Several Play Pal Tractor Trailer Semi Truck Designs
Part of my gransons truck collection. 

You can custom order any of these in any color:


Here are a few variations of the Play Pal Trailer Truck. These are all in my grandson's collection. Inspired by his complaint about the first one, everything he tried to put on it fell off. It was a flatbed trailer simialr to the one front and center. You can easily see.

I like the dual wheels much better than the singles, which never looked right.

The second change I made was to relocate the hole for the hitch pin so it was between the axles. Changing the location lets me use a longer dowel, and the length of the dowel is less critical.

I rounded the front of the trailer so the truck could make 90-degree turns. Originally I clipped the corners at 45 degrees to facilitate this, but I didn't like the look of it.


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