Play Pal Trctor Trailer Semi Truck Custom Order

Handmade Wood Toy Truck
Finisjed Wooden Toy Tractor Trailer Truck

This truck was a custom order. The customer wanted a clear shellac finish, where I usually sell these unfinished. I started making different trailers for these after making one of the original style trailers for my grandson and having him bring it back and tell me it was broken because when he tried to haul a car, the car would roll off. The truck is made from construction-grade pine and finished with three coats of clear dewaxed shellac. The wheels are amber shellac. I added a bit of paste wax and buffed it with a cotton cloth. It feels butter smooth.

Handmade Wood Toy Truck Partialy Assembled
Handmade Wooden Toy Truck Sanded and Partialy Assembled

Hand Made Wooden Toy Tractor Trailer Truck Assembly
THe last Piece In the Clamp

Handmade Wooden Toy Truck First Coat Of Shellac Drying
Handmade Wooden Toy Truck First Coat Of Shellac Drying


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