My First AMT Scroll Saw
I started with this saw and used it off and on for many years with no issues.

I highly recommend the Pegas Scroll saw. Here is how I came to this conclusion.

I have owned four scroll saws, starting with an AMT cast iron saw that took pined blades. I quickly learned that pined blades would not do, and I modified the saw to use standard pinless blades. I used it for many years without an issue.

I then bought a used RBI Hawk and liked it much better. Not because it cut better but because it was much larger and easier to use. The RBI Hawk was my primary saw for several years.

Then, I stumbled across a video demonstrating how easy and fast blade changes were on Excalibur EX-21. It took a whine, but I found a made-in-Taiwan saw used in my local area. The EX-21 became my go-to saw, and I gave the AMT to a friend. You can get parts and support for EX-21s from Seyco, who also makes a fine scroll saw. I had a problem with my EX-21 and got all my support and parts from them. Made in Taiwan, EX-21s are completely rebuildable.

Switching from the EX-21 to the Hawk gave me fits. They cut so differently that switching was a pain. Blade changes on the Hawk could have been faster and smoother. After much research, I decided to buy a Pegas scroll saw. I have a small business that relies heavily on my scroll saw, and I need a backup saw that works and is similar to my primary saw, so switching between the two is not a big deal. As I was about to pull the trigger on a new Pegas, I saw a used one pop up in the Facebook marketplace. It turned out to be a saw that was bought assembled and never used, being sold for half what a new one would cost. I made a 500-mile road trip to get it.

I sold the RBI Hawk and now have an EX-21 and Pegas saws in my shop next to each other. There is very little difference in the saws. Switching back and forth is fine. The Pegas is a bit smoother.

What you want to do with your scroll saw will drive your choice. For me, blade changes are a big deal. Some scroll saw projects will have hundreds of initial cuts, requiring you to disconnect one end of the blade and insert it into the next hole. EX-21/Pegas saws can do this with a knob twist and a lever flip. When these saws are appropriately aligned, there is no tension adjustment. There are no loose clamps to fiddle with or chase around the floor when a blade breaks.


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