Miniature Female Gnome Glued and Clamped

Handmade Wooden Female Gnome Glued And Clamped
Handmade Wooden Female Gnome Glued And Clamped


I used a Pittsburg bar clamp for the nose. I purchased many of these back when I could get them for $0.99 each. Today, they are $1.99. Double the price; I haven't seen these on sale for a long time. They are great little clamps for small light work. I have found that I need to keep the bar clean, or they will slip. When I get new clamps, I usually wax them to prevent glue from sticking to them and help prevent rust. I waxed the first Pittsburg bar clamps I purchased and thought they didn't work because they slipped. I don't know where I got the idea to clean off the wax, but wiping the bar down with mineral spirits fixed the slipping.
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