Stacking Goats/Sheep Puzzle For Advanced Toddlers To Adults - 666201902

Handmade wooden toy stacking puzzle with five freestanding goats finished with a custom blend of nontoxic oils and waxes.
This is the designed stacking method for the goats but my grandson showed methat there are many ways to stack goats.

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If you're looking for a unique and challenging toy for your child or yourself, look no further than this handmade wooden stacking puzzle. Each puzzle is made using traditional woodworking tools and techniques and is finished with a custom blend of nontoxic oils and waxes.

The puzzle consists of five freestanding goats that can be stacked on top of each other to create a tower. The tippy nature of the puzzle adds to the challenge of building the stack, making it suitable for advanced toddlers and adults. When I gave this puzzle to my five-year-old grandson, he assembled it in less than a minute, proving how fun and engaging it can be.

One of the great things about this puzzle is that it can also be played with as freestanding farm animals, allowing for imaginative play and creativity. But beyond just being a fun toy, playing with puzzles also has numerous benefits for development.

Playing with puzzles helps to develop hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, shape recognition, memory, problem-solving, goal-setting, and patience. All of these skills are essential for higher-level learning and development. This puzzle is designed to be a beginner-level puzzle, making it a great way to build these skills in a child.

Each puzzle is unique and handmade using natural wood and wood products, so no two puzzles are alike. The natural variations in wood grain, color, and knots add to the puzzle's character and charm and should be expected. 

Overall, this handmade wooden stacking puzzle is a beautiful and engaging toy that provides numerous benefits for development. Whether you're looking for a fun challenge for yourself or a unique toy for your child, this puzzle will provide hours of fun and learning. 

Handmade in Tallahassee, Florida, US.


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