Relieving Edges On A Handmade Wooden Toy Tow Truck Using Nail Files - 482847326

Handmade wood toy tow truck being sanded and shaped with a nail file.
Nail files are just one of the tools I use to smooth and shape this wooden toy truck. Nail files are excellent tools to use for relieving edges.
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My Five Truck Fleet Collection

As the maker of these trucks, I take great pride in creating each. After cutting the truck body on my trusty scroll saw, I sanded and shaped it to perfection. My years of experience and attention to detail come into play.

Using a nail file, I carefully remove sharp corners and smooth out bumps on the truck's edges. This step may seem small, but ensuring that each truck is safe and comfortable for little hands to play with is essential. Once the sanding and shaping are complete, I paint the truck in your chosen colors.


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