Two Experiments Using Labels For Paterns And Wood Offcuts From Ccroll Saw Projects To Mak Mini Gnomes

Handcrafted mini gnomes made from reclaimed wood offcuts, showcasing creative woodworking and attention to detail.
A Batch of Mini Gnomes

My Goimagine Shop

I created some SVG files that would fit on the labels using one of Steve Good's gnome patterns. I planned to use the labels instead of spray adhesive. As I headed to the shop with the patterns, I stumbled upon a five-gallon bucket full of offcuts from my scroll saw. This discovery sparked a second experiment idea – how many gnomes could I make using only the wood in this bucket? The answer: more gnomes than I have time for.

The wood in the bucket was 3/4 inch or thicker, which was too thick for the mini gnomes I had in mind. Undeterred, I applied the patterns, cut them from the wood in the bucket, and resawed them using my Shopsmith bandsaw. Once I had a small bucket of parts, I assembled them and stopped when I ran out of feet and didn't have time to cut more.

I found that the labels worked well, but I had to be much more careful about dusting off the wood to get them to stick as well as I liked. If the wood was smooth and clean, the labels stuck tight enough that mineral spirits helped get them off.

It was a good experiment, and I was pleased with the results. It shows that sometimes, the most unexpected materials and situations can lead to creative and fulfilling projects.


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