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Handmade Wooden Toy Lorry Truck Unfinished Bare Wood Version
Handmade Wooden Toy Lorry Truck Unfinished Bare Wood Version


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In a world dominated by mass-produced toys, there's a certain charm and authenticity that comes with handmade creations. Odin's Toy Factory brings a delightful addition to its Easy 5 Truck Fleet Collection: the Handmade Wooden Toy Lorry Truck. Crafted with precision and painted in the color of your choice, this toy promises not just play but an experience tailored to your preferences.

Made to Order:

The Handmade Wooden Toy Lorry Truck is a testament to this commitment, as it is made to order. This means you have the freedom to choose the color and finish, with options ranging from various colors of acrylic paint to different finishes, including oils or no finish at all. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

A Palette of Possibilities:

The truck's body is adorned with your selected finish, adding a personal touch to each creation. Whether you envision a vibrant red, a soothing blue, or a combination of hues, Odin's Toy Factory ensures that your preferences are brought to life on this charming wooden canvas. The bed and wheels of the lorry truck are finished with Amber Shellac, enhancing the toy's aesthetic appeal and durability.

Custom Orders Welcome:

Odin's Toy Factory recognizes that every child and parent has unique tastes. As such, custom orders are not just welcome but encouraged. If you have a specific color combination or theme, the artisans at Odin's Toy Factory are ready to bring your vision into reality. This level of personalized craftsmanship ensures that each Handmade Wooden Lorry Truck is as distinct as the child who will play with it.

The Easy 5 Truck Fleet Collection:

The Handmade Wooden Lorry Truck is part of Odin's Easy 5 Truck Fleet Collection, which includes a Dump Truck, Lorry Truck, Box Truck, Flat Bed Lumber Truck, and Tow Truck. The interactive element makes this collection even more exciting— the Tow Truck can effortlessly tow the other trucks. Each vehicle features a hook under the front, adding a dynamic layer to imaginative play.

Order Your Handmade Wooden Lorry Truck Today:

Are you ready to bring joy to your little one or seek a unique gift for a special occasion? Look no further. The Handmade Wooden Lorry Truck from Odin's Toy Factory is a timeless creation that transcends the ordinary. Visit the shop today to explore the Easy 5 Truck Fleet Collection and order a toy crafted for your child's delight. Handmade, heartfelt, and bound to become a cherished part of playtime memories. Order your Wooden Lorry Truck today and let the craftsmanship roll into your home.

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