More Dicusion On Mounting Wooden Toy Wheels

Toymakers Shop Handmade Wooden Toys Play Pal Wheels Axels On Waiting For The Glue To Set
Play Pal Wheels Axels On Waiting For The Glue To Set

When I mount wheels on one of my toys that use dowels for axels, I like for the end of the axel to look like a little hub cap. The look I am going for is similar to the baby moon hub cap, although smaller in scale.

To achieve the baby moon look. I carefully measure the axels to be slightly longer (about 1/16-inch) than required and round the ends by hand using sandpaper. The ends of the axels are dipped in metallic paint and allowed to cure at least overnight.

For these to look right, the ends of the axels need to line up flush with the wheel with only the rounded part protruding.  The best way I have found to do this is to glue on one wheel at a time and allow the glue to set.  Positioning the wheel is pretty easy if the wheel isn't too tight, and the glue you are using has a long enough working time to make needed adjustments. If the fit is tight, I use a vise with jaws padded with leather to press the wheel on to the axel. The soft leather lets the axel protrude almost the perfect amount. I wipe glue squeeze out with a damp blue paper towel. The water doesn't cause a problem since I finished the wheels and axel end.

It is essential to let the glue cure enough to lock the wheel in place before attempting to mount the other wheel. In the photo is a batch of wheels waiting for the glue to set. If you have a sizeable enough quantity of wheels, you may be able to work continuously.


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