Using Tape To Prevent Wood Burning When Cutting Cherry and Other Hardwoods With A Scroll Saw


Dragon Patterns Attached to Wood Covered With Blue Tape
Dragon Patterns Attached to Wood Covered With Blue Tape

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According to Patrick Spielman, silicon on or in the tape keeps the tape from sticking together. The silicon gets on the saw blade as it passes through the tape and provides lubrication. He writes about this in one of his books, where he shows photos of cherry cut with and without the tape. The cherry burns when it is cut without the tape.

I suspect that all tapes are not created equal, which may explain variations in people's results.

I use the tape because it makes the patterns easier to remove. Some tape will pull out wood fibers when it is removed. In some cases, it can be bad enough to ruin the piece.

I have tried every method of attaching patterns to wood that I have come across. I am slowly becoming a fan of using spray adhesive without tape and removing the patterns by soaking the pattern with mineral spirits to remove it. The pattern comes off easily, and any residue is easily removed by wiping with a paper towel dampened with mineral spirits. I'll be saving the expensive blue tape for wood that burns.

You can use other types of tape. Clear packing tape is popular, but it doesn't stick as well as the blue tape, and I do not like the shiny surface.


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