Using Sanding Sealer On Little Blue Trucks Fail

Little Blue Trucks In the Shop Being Painted

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As an experiment, I decided to use sanding sealer as a base coat on these trucks. The sealer dries fast, and I could start sanding the first one as soon as a finished applying the sealer to the last truck. I sanded using a red 3M Scotchbrite pad. It worked great, and the trucks were smoothed in short order.

Seven coats of paint later after a coat of sanding sealer. It usually only takes three coats of paint and sometimes only two. The large truck in the upper left has two coats of paint on it. I think this is because the paint soaks into the wood with no sealer, and then the wood is blue. The paint can't soak in with sanding sealer, so I'm painting over what is essentially a white background.

I will not be using a sanding sealer again for Navy blue paint. Although, it will probably work well for clear coats like polyurethane.

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