Etsy Listing - Wooden Toy Car - Hot Rod Freaky Ford - 1932 Ford Sedan - Blue Cake Topper

These are the same cars as the one that was used for the cake topper in a recent custom build. When working on a custom build especially one with a deadline I like to make more than one. Wood is a funny thing. Each piece is different. Hidden flaws will some times show up after the wood is cut. I once cut a car hauler puzzle truck. The truck trailer and all but one of the cars fell apart after they were cut. I've dropped toys and damaged them beyond repair. The worst I've done is drop one on the ground after spraying on the last coat of paint. 
This time I made three and all of them worked. Two are available for sale in my store.

These cars have a bit of a rustic look to them due mostly to painting directly on the wood without a primer sealer coat. This was what the customer wanted. Normally I would have used a solvent based primer/sealer coat to help prevent the grain from raising. For glossy of smooth satin finish MDF works really well but it is a mess to work with.

20171116-134103 - Wooden Toy Car - Hotrod Freaky Ford - 1932 Ford - Sedan
20171116-134103 - Wooden Toy Car - Hotrod Freaky Ford - 1932 Ford - Sedan
For some reason that I have not been able to figure out. I can't get the colors to look right for this shade of blue on a white background. I have two completely different cameras and get the same results with both of the,  It works with my blue background and the black. I looks Ok on the work bench in my shop but the lighting is really bad there so I don't like using it. WHen I get more better lights there will be more shots from the shop


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