Bandsaw Drift


Band Saw Resawing Small Toy Parts With A Small Blade and a Carter Stabilizer
Band Saw Resawing Small Toy Parts With A Small Blade and a Carter Stabilizer

I have two Shopsmith bandsaws, One iron table, and one with aluminum tables. I don't experience drift on either. When I first got my bandsaw in the early 80's I had some issues with drift. This was fixed by switching to a high-quality blade and carefully aligning my saw.  Many things can cause a saw to drift.

Dull or damaged blade. I once had a blade just lightly touch a staple and it immediately started to turn to that side and was useless.  

The blade must match the thickness and material you are cutting. Small thinner pieces an be cut with narrower blades and more teeth.

Poor quality blades. I only use Wolf blades.

Saw misalignment. The table must be aligned square to the blade.

Feeding the wood so fast that it can't clear the sawdust. Let the saw do the cutting. Don't force it

Teeth that are too fine for the material you are cutting.

Using a saw blade for resawing that has previously been used for cutting curves. Your resaw blade should only be used for resawing.

I sure there are some that I missed.


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