Handmade Wood HedgeHog Family Stacking Puzzle

Handmade Wood Hedgehog Family Stacking Puzzle

This stacking puzzle is part of a large puzzle project that includes 50 puzzles. Twentytwo puzzles are replacements for sold-out stock, and the rest are all new to me, animal family stacking puzzles. I had to modify the hedgehog pattern to get the puzzle to stand up. With the right piece of wood, it might balance on its own, but I had to flatten the bottom using a belt sander to get the mother hedgehog from rolling over and dumping all the baby hedgehogs on the table.  This puzzle is a little tricky to stack, and if you don't know what it looks like assembled, it might take you a while to figure it out and get it to stand up. 

Look for this puzzle in my shop soon.

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