Nativity Platform Ornament


Nativity Platform Ornament
Rear view of the nativity platform ornament.

Nativity Platform Ornament
Front view of the nativity platform ornament

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If you are selling online, it is getting; you must prepare for Christmas early. I'm sure this is where the term Christmas in July comes from. 

Here I am experimenting with two things. 

  • A style of ornament that I have never made before
  • A new material; Purebond Plywood

I am not sure the person who designed this ornament did a test cut. There are some tiny details that I could not cut with the smallest blade I had. I'm not too fond of the tab and slot construction. It is challenging to get the sizes right with a scroll saw, and the only way I can get a snug fit is to make the slots purposely small and the tabs too big and file them to fit. 

Mounting the platform without getting glue all over is complicated by design, requiring you to slide the piece into place.

I don't think this one will get listed in my shop. I am not happy with the way it looks.

I like the Purebond plywood. I've not had any issues with the voids or knots that can ruin this kind of project. The core seems to be popular, and it cuts well. I am hoping to get some of this in 1/8-inch to try. It is expensive, but good plywood always is. With the supply of baltic birch drying up because of the war in Ukraine and other factors, Purebond plywood looks like a viable alternative.


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